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Included here are several examples from the Virginia Tech vibroseis program of the seismic data quality that can be expected using a single large vibrator such as the Failing Y-1100A. The Atlantic Coastal Plain is ideal for this application; indeed, using more than one vibrator might degrade the data. Among other applications, we used the vibrator to determine the thickness of the Coastal Plain sediments, which acted as a sedimentary "insulator" above heat-producing granite that was intruded into crystalline basement rocks beneath the sediments. For more details see the discussion of the Radiogenic Model. The format of the illustrations of the seismic data is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (file extension ppt). The presentation is useful to have because it summarizes the reflection seismology recording parameters that Virginia Tech has shown are successful for imaging the relatively unconsolidated sediments beneath the Atlantic Coastal Plain. You will need the free PowerPoint viewer, which can be downloaded here. When you click on the link below, you will get a window asking:

Open this file from its current location, or
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You will probably want to choose

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because of the long download time and you might want to save the file for later reference. The ppt file is large (about 120 mb) and is not recommended for viewing online unless you have an extremely fast connection. If you do have a fast connection (e.g., Ethernet), then you can, of course, view it "online" --but the file still has to be downloaded.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, then the file type associations are built into the Windows operating system.You can associate a file type (ppt) with a program (PowerPoint viewer) on your hard disk ( if you haven't already done this for some other application), by going to the regular Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and then going to View->Folder->Options->File Types. Find the program association for PowerPoint documents and edit it to make it open your PowerPoint file after download.

In Netscape, you find the equivalent operations under Edit->Preferences->Navigator->Applications.

Imaging With A Single Vibrator

Why does a single vibrator give better results?

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