M.S. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations in Geophysics, 1967 - 1997
(Ph.D. Dissertations in bold face)
Department of Geological Sciences
Virginia Tech

Advisor: G. A. Bollinger (Joined faculty 1967 - retired 1993)
Year Author Title
1991 Tsoflias, G.P. Common Cyclicities in Seismicity and Water Level Fluctuations at the Charlevoix Seismic Zone of the St. Lawrence River
1989 Setterquist, S.A. Temporal and Spatial Correlations between Seismicity and Streamflow Volume in the Central Virginia Seismic Zone
1988 Davison, Jr., F.C. Stress Tensor Estimates Derived from Sets of Focal Mechanism Solutions: Application to the Southeastern United States
1988 Rogers, M.B. The Determination of QLg and QC as a Function of Frequency
1985 Miller, E.V. Methods and Techniques for Regional Slope Stability Studies -- Giles County, Virginia
1984 Munsey, J.W. Focal Mechanisms for Virginia Earthquakes, 1978-1984
1984 Teague, A. G. Focal Mechanisms for Eastern Tennessee Earthquakes, 1981-1983
1983 Hazneci, H. A Contribution to the Mediterrean-Aegean Plate Tectonics - Focal Mechanisms for Earthquakes off the South and West Coasts of Turkey
1982 Todd, E. Seismicity of the Bath County Virginia Locale
1982 Sibol, M. S. Network Locational Testing and Velocity Variations in Central Virginia
1982 Hunter, S. A., IV A Comparison of the Seismicity and Regional Geology of the Southeastern U.S. and Southeastern Australia
1981 Hopper, M. C. A Study of Liquefaction and Other Types of Earthquake-Induced Ground Failures in the Puget Sound, Washington Region
1981 Carts, D. A. A Regional Crustal Velocity Model for the Southeastern United States
1980 Moore, T. P. Upper Crustal Velocity Structure for Southwestern Virginia
1980 Chapman, M.C. Seismic Velocity Structure of Central Virginia
1978 Griffiths, D.W. The Effect of Appalachian Mountain Topography on Seismic Waves
1977 Whitehurst, B.B. Duration Magnitude of Eastern United States Earthquakes at World Wide Standard Seismographic Network Stations
1977 Langer, C. J. The Locations and Characteristics of the Aftershocks of the October 3, 1974, Peruvian Earthquakes
1977 Sodbinow, E.S. Some Seismic Studies in Central and Eastern Tennessee
1976 Ayers, R. L. A Comparison of Macroseismic and Microseismic Ground Motions in Virginia

Advisor: Cahit Çoruh (Joined faculty December 1985)
Year Author Title
1997 Peavy, Sam An Integrated Geophysical Study of the Central Appalachians of Western Virginia and Eastern West Virginia
1997 Moore, Leslie Shallow Subsurface Deformation Along the Pen Branch Fault in South Carolina: Interpretation From Seismic Refraction Stack Sections
1996 Minnich, Sara Enhancement of Temporal and Spatial Resolution of 2-D Reflection Data: Application to Texaco Data Over Venice Dome in Plaquemines Parish, Lousiana
1994 Guo, Mu Amplitude Balancing in Tau-p Domain
1992 Lampshire, L.D. Crustal Structures and the Eastern Extent of the Lower Paleozoic Shelf Strata within the Central Appalachians: A Seismic Reflection Interpretation
1991 Sen, Ashok Removing Near-Surface Effects in Seismic Data: Application for Determination of Faults in the Coastal Plain Sediments
1990 Demirbag, Emin Estimation of Seismic Parameters from Multifold Seismic Reflection Data by Generalized Linear Inversion and Bootstrapping
1990 Hubbard, S.S. Paleozoic and Grenvillian Structures in the Southern Appalachians: Extended Interpretation from Seismic Reflection Data
1988 Laughlin, K. J. Interpretation of Refraction and Reflection Stack Data Over the Brevard Fault Zone in South Carolina
1986 Schorr, G. T. Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data Over Virginia Mesozoic Basins

Advisor: John K. Costain (Joined Faculty 1967 -- Retired 1996)
Year Author Title
1995 Hopkins, Debbie L. The New York-Alabama Magnetic Anomaly: Its Reflection Character and Relationship to the Grenville Front
1995 Domoracki, W.J. A Geophysical Investigation of Geologic Structure and Regional Tectonic Setting at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina
1992 Pappano, Jr., Phillip A. Structural and Regional Tectonic Setting Across the Atlantic Coastal Plain of Northeastern Virginia as Interpreted from Reflection Seismic Data
1988 Dawson, James Determination of Fractured Aquifer Characteristics from Evaluation of Pump Tests of Wells in the Crystalline Rocks of the Blue Ridge Allochthon
1987 Needham, D.L. Failure of Asperities by Hydraulically Induced Fatigue: A Model for the Generation of Intraplate Seismicity
1987 Scott, S.M. The Reprocessing and Extended Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data Recorded over the Hayesville-Fries Thrust Sheet in Southwestern North Carolina
1987 Luongo, R.F. Analysis of Seismic Reflection Data over the Sanford Triassic Basin, Chatham and Lee Counties, N.C.
1987 Ecevitoglu, B.G. Determination of Velocity and Q from SVD
1986 Pratt, T. L. A Geophysical Study of the Crust in Central Virginia with Implications for the Lower Crust and Appalachian Structures
1985 Brennan, J. L. Interpretation of VIBROSEIS reflections from within the Catoctin Formation of central Virginia
1985 Bryan, R. A. Thin-bed resolution from cepstrum analysis
1985 Miller, S. B. Application of complex trace attributes to reflection seismic data near Charleston, South Carolina
1985 Weisenburger, K. Reflection seismic data acquisition and processing for enhanced interpretation of high-resolution objectives
1985 D'Angelo, R. Correlation of Reflection Seismology Data with Seismogenic Zones in the Ramapo, New Jersey area
1985 Gresko, M. J. Analysis and Interpretation of Compressional (P-wave) and Shear (SH-wave) Reflection Seismic and Geologic Data over the Bane Dome, Giles County, Va.
1984 Belcher, S. W. Spatial Resolution by Single Sweep Recording and Processing
1984 Ecevitoglu, B. G. Use of Wavelet Distortion from Supercritical Reflections to Detect Lateral Velocity Variations
1984 McCarron, K. R. PS Converted Waves: A Feasibility Study Using Vertical Receivers
1983 Marangakis, A. Interpretation of Reflection Seismic Data by Analysis of Energy Histograms
1983 Pyrak, L. J. Refraction of Isotherms: Applications to Define Rift Basin Geometry
1982 Pratt, T. L. A Geophysical Investigation of a Concealed Granitoid Beneath Lumberton, North Carolina
1981 Bielanski, E. A Seismic Reflection Study on the Atlantic Coastal Plain near Portsmouth, Virginia
1981 Dysart, P. S. Seismic Stratigraphy at Smith Point, Virginia
1980 King, K. C. Seismic Reflection Study Over the Continental Shelf, Slope, and Rise off North Carolina
1980 Laczniak, R. J. Analysis of the Relationship Between Energy Output and Well Spacing in a Typical Atlantic Coastal Plain Geothermal Doublet System
1979 Dunbar, Jr., J. A. Temperature and Heat Flow Modeling of Three-Dimensional Bodies in a Two-Layered Half Space
1978 Yantis, B. R. A Reflection Seismic Study Near Charleston, South Carolina
1975 Perry, L. D. New heat flow values from Virginia
1975 Wells, P. D. A Seismic Reflection and Refraction Study Near the Blue Ridge Thrust in Virginia
1974 Clark, H. B. Preliminary Seismic Reflection Studies of the Brevard Zone near Rosman, North Carolina
1974 Edsall, R. W., Jr. A Seismic Reflection Study Over the Bane Anticline in Giles County, Virginia
1974 Kolich, Thomas M. Seismic reflection and Refraction Studies in the Folded Valley and Ridge Province at Price Mountain, Montgomery County, Virginia
1971 Vossler, D. A. Anisotropic Media and the Determination of Subsurface Velocity by the Use of Surface Seismic Reflection Data
1969 Reiter, M. A. Terrestrial Heat Flow and Thermal Conductivity in Southwestern Virginia
1969 Ming, J. D. Digital computer study of the heat flow due to buried intrusives
1969 Worthington, D.W. Some ultrasonic seismic wave model studies.

Advisor: Edwin S. Robinson (Joined faculty 1967 -- Retired 1996)
Year Author Title
1997 Cyrnak, Jennifer A Geophysical Characterization of New River Terrace Deposits in Giles County, Virginia
1996 Sayer, Suzanne Applications of Roll-along Electrical Resistivity Surveying in Conjunction with other Geophysical Methods of Engineering and Environmental Site Characterizations
1989 Allen, Nancy J. Computation of Pseudosonic Logs in Fresh/Brackish Water Wells: A Test Case in Brunswick, Georgia
1989 Mason, Michael R. Gravity Profile Evaluation of Geological Cross-sections through the Southern Appalachians in Frederick County, Virginia
1988 Moses, M. J. Gravity Profile of the Bane Dome in Giles County, Virginia
1986 Holland, D. A. Tidal Gravity Anomalies in Southeastern North America
1984 Stovall, R. L. The Relationships Between Gravity Anomalies and the Geology of the Blue Ridge Province near Floyd, Virginia
1983 Keller, M. R. Geologic Framework of Gravity Anomaly Sources in the Central Piedmont of Virginia
1981 Bahorich, M. S. A Comparison of Two Methods for Computing Reflection Seismogram Static Corrections
1979 Williams, R. T. The Ocean Tide and Waves Beneath the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
1979 Vliek, P. J. Effects of Metamorphism and Structure on Aeromagnetic Anomalies Over the Carolina Slate Belt near Roxboro, North Carolina
1978 Wilson, D. C. Ocean Tidal Loading in Southeastern United States
1976 Rhoads, G. H. Determination of Aquifer Parameters from Well Tides
1976 Williams, R. T. The Ocean Tide Beneath the Ross Ice Shelf
1970 Bell, R. T. Ground Water Reservoir Response to Earth Tides
1969 Schmoker, J. W. Interpretation of Aeromagnetic, Magnetic, and Gravity Data from the San Francisco Mountains Vicinity, Southwestern Utah

Advisor: J. Arthur Snoke (Joined Faculty 1977)
Year Author Title
1997 Heather H. Student Assessing the Seismic Hazard in Charleston, South Carolina: Comparisons Among Statistical Models
1996 Shaosong Huang The Determination of Lithospheric Rheology and Long-Term Interplate Coupling in Japan: Finite Element Modeling
1992 Norabuena, E.O. Velocity Structure of the Subducting Nazca Plate beneath central Peru as inferred from Travel Time Anomalies
1988 Taylor, D.W., Jr. Source Studies over a Wide Range in Earthquake Magnitude
1988 Dalton, David C. Long-Period Background Earth Noise from Shallow Hand Excavated Holes
1985 Dysart, P. S. Moment-Radius-Stress Drop Relations and Temporal Changes in Regional Stress from the Analysis of Small Earthquakes in the Matushiro Region, Southwest Honshu, Japan
1983 Boyd, T. M. High Resolution Determination of the Benioff Zone Geometry Beneath Southern Peru
1982 Viret, M. Relocation Study of Virginia Earthquakes (1959-1981) Using the Joint Hypocenter Determination and Joint Epicenter Determination Methods
1981 Cunniff, J. H. An Evaluation of the Geodynamics Tidal Recording Gravimeter for Use in the Analysis of Long Period Seismic Waves

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