Georgia Seismic

Click on the well location or in the area of interest.

Wells shown in red or blue. Red denotes heat flow value available. Blue denotes temperature and geothermal gradient (only) available because no rock thermal conductivity was available.

Seismic lines shown in red.

Dikes and Triassic basin boundaries shown in green.

Imaging With a Single Vibrator

ADCOH seismic lines Seismic line described in Costain and Coruh (1990) Seismic line described by Pratt and others (1985)

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Pratt, T. L., J. K. Costain, C. Çoruh, L. Glover, III, and E. S. Robinson, 1985, Geophysical evidence for an allochthonous Alleghanian(?) granitoid beneath the basement surface of the Coastal Plain near Lumberton, North Carolina, Bull. Geol. Soc. Amer., v. 96, 1070-1076.