In 1976, the focus of the geothermal effort shifted towards potential applications of geothermal energy as an alternate energy resource. Improvements in heat pump technology have recently led to more widespread use of geothermal energy for space heating in Virginia. As part of its drilling program, the Department of Geological Sciences at Virginia Tech drilled all of the holes in crystalline bedrock, except for the deep test site at Crisfield, MD. Tech also drilled several holes in or through the sediments of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. The sites on the Atlantic Coastal Plain were chosen by Virginia Tech in cooperation with federal and state agencies. Most of the 1000-ft holes drilled into the sediments of the Atlantic Coastal Plain were drilled by Gruy Federal, Inc., under a $1.8 million dollar contract from the U.S. Department of Energy. Energy Service Co., Houston, was the actual subcontractor for the drilling, which began in June, 1978, and continued over a period of one year.

From 1976-79, research was supported by U.S. Department of Energy Contracts E-(40-1)-5103 (May 1, 1976 - Sept. 30, 1977), ET-78-C-05-5648 (Oct. 1, 1977 - Sept. 30, 1979), and DE-AC05-78ET-27001 (Oct. 1, 1979 - June 30, 1982) to Principal Investigators John K. Costain, Professor of Geophysics, and Lynn Glover, III, Professor of Geology. Dr. Krishna Sinha was a Principal Investigator from 1977-1979. Only Drs. J.K. Costain, L. Glover, III, and J.A. Speer provided continuous service to this program since its inception. Most of the Laboratory Technicians listed below and in Final Report VPI&SU-78ET-27001-12 to the U.S. Department of Energy were associated with the Vibroseis Program, which did not begin until April, 1979. Periods of employment of administrative assistants, bookkeepers, and many other personnel did not overlap. Others were employed on a part-time basis.

Special thanks are due John Wonderley and Bob Montgomery, both computer and instrumentation specialists and not on the list below because both were employed by Virginia Tech in the Department of Geological Sciences. Without their skillful technical expertise the geophysics program in general, and the heat flow and reflection seismology programs in particular, could not have succeeded. The national reputation that the geophysics program enjoys owes much to the fine support the program received from Virginia Tech.

The following persons, listed in the order that they appeared in Final Report VPI&SU-78ET-27001-12 to the U.S. Department of Energy, were employed on one of the above contracts for this project (Coming soon! A photographic summary of people and events on this Project. Watch for your picture! Where are you now? Please let us know.).

Dr. Cahit Çoruh Visiting Associate Professor
S. W. Becker Research Associate
Andy Bobyarchick Research Associate
Allen H. Cogbill Research Associate
Stewart Farrar Research Associate
R. J. Gleason Research Associate
S. T. Hall Research Associate
Dr. Joseph J. Lambiase Research Associate
D. McKay Research Associate
B. A. Merz Research Associate
Hugo Neuberg Research Associate
Lawrence D. Perry Research Associate
G. Russell Research Associate
W. Russell Research Associate
J. R. Sans Research Associate
Dr. J. Alexander Speer Senior Research Associate
B. U. Conrad Research Specialist
S. Dashevsky Research Specialist
S. Higgins Research Specialist
Wilson McClung Research Specialist
M. McKinney Research Specialist
M. Svetlichny Research Specialist
M. H. Tant System Analyst
T. Chang Computer Programmer
K. King Computer Programmer
B. Thorenson Computer Programmer
C. M. Sadick Data Entry Operator
Mike Bahorich Graduate Research Assistant
Eileen Bielanski Graduate Research Assistant
John A. Dunbar Graduate Research Assistant
Paul Dysart Graduate Research Assistant
Nick Evans Graduate Research Assistant
B. Hanan Graduate Research Assistant
P. Kaygi Graduate Research Assistant
Randy Laczniak Graduate Research Assistant
C. Harris Graduate Research Assistant
C. Mackmull Graduate Research Assistant
C. Newton Graduate Research Assistant
Joe Reilly Graduate Research Assistant
Richard T. Williams Graduate Research Assistant
William Ranck Laboratory Instrument Maker
William Shumate Laboratory Instrument Maker
H. Bodell Laboratory Technician
C. Chalmers Laboratory Technician
E. Clayton Laboratory Technician
C. Conway Laboratory Technician
J. Creiman Laboratory Technician
J. Davies Laboratory Technician
S. Dickerson Laboratory Technician
M. Dilg Laboratory Technician
L. Field Laboratory Technician
M. Friedly Laboratory Technician
C. Greene Laboratory Technician
M. Hoffman Laboratory Technician
D. Hostvedt Laboratory Technician
K. Hurst Laboratory Technician
J. McCoy Laboratory Technician
J. Munsey Laboratory Technician
K. Nickell Laboratory Technician
Chris Ross Laboratory Technician
G. Schafer Laboratory Technician
J. Sheridan Laboratory Technician
K. Smith Laboratory Technician
D. Van Nostrand Laboratory Technician
C. Whiting Laboratory Technician
Bill Davis Laboratory Mechanic
T. A. Arnold Laboratory Aide
A. Baldasari Laboratory Aide
S. P. Higgins Laboratory Aide
C. R. Minor Laboratory Aide
R. Osliln Laboratory Aide
P. Stock Laboratory Aide
E. T. Watson Laboratory Aide
W. G. (Bill) Coulson Supervisor and Core Driller
J. Childress Core Driller Operator
G. Dean Core Driller Operator
J. Acuff Core Driller Helper
R. Bowman Core Driller Helper
G. Childress Core Driller Helper
W. Coulson Core Driller Helper
R. Dalton Core Driller Helper
A. Davidson Core Driller Helper
R. Gravley Core Driller Helper
R. Stilwell Core Driller Helper
P. Stone Core Driller Helper
D. Thomas Core Driller Helper
David Brown Draftsman-Photographer
Eric Raitch Draftsman-Photographer
Margaret Paterson Administrative Assistant
Patricia C. Sullivan Administrative Assistant
Patricia Hubble Administrative Assistant
Mildred Memitt Lead Computer Operator
Alfred Ott Computer Operator
Pam Pope Bookkeeper
Geraldine Barber Secretary
Linda Comeau Secretary
Marjorie Dellers Secretary
Shelley Evans Secretary
Tish Glosh Secretary
Linda Lisic Secretary
Sandra Long Secretary
Nhury Schurig Secretary
Margie Strickler Secretary
Dr. A. Krishna Sinha Principal Investigator (1977-79)


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