John K. Costain: Research

Research Interests

Publications are listed here. Dr. Costain's hydroseismicity page contains an abstract and figures from a paper by JKC and G.A. Bollinger entitled "Climatic changes, streamflow, and long-term forecasting of intraplate seismicity".

Research Facilities

General computing hardware facilities include: An IBM 3090 processor complex with the IBM Vector Facility; an IBM 3084 processor complex; an IBM 4341-12 processor; a VAX 8600 processor. The Regional Geophysics Laboratory used by Drs. Çoruh and Costain and their students has a VAX 11/785 computer; 2 FPS 120-B array processors and a VAX 2000 Work Station. IDISCO, FOCUS-2D, and FOCUS 3D software is installed on SUN SparcStations that communicate with a VAX 11/785 via a database server.

See also the Virginia Tech Geothermal Data WWW Page.

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